Digital Futures Academy

The Digital Futures Academy originates from a partnership between SDA Bocconi School of Management and Capgemini and was set up to offer a set of managerial and technological training opportunities for talents, professionals and executives in the field of ICT consulting.

The Digital Futures Academy

The context in which SDA Bocconi School of Management and Capgemini have decided to design the Digital Futures Academy features:

  • considerable disparity between available resources and demand for ICT professional profiles;
  • lack of training and job placement schemes with the right balance between learning content and practical application;
  • perceived lack of differentiation between the resources of the various System Integrators and ICT consultants.

The Digital Futures Academy aims to meet industry needs by designing high-profile initiatives that combine typical management training themes with the tech topics needed to navigate the world of ICT consulting.

The first initiative launched by the Digital Futures Academy is called The Future of Enterprise Management and targets young recent graduates who want to become junior professionals working directly on Capgemini consulting projects.

The program targets candidates who:

  • Have graduated/will graduate shortly from Economics or STEM faculties
  • Are fluent in English (the course is taught in English)
  • Whose average age is 26
  • Are deeply interested in the world of ICT consulting.

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