AFCnet Community

This community is open to anyone who has taken a course offered by the ACFAI Department, as well as to those who have an interest in administration and wish to communicate with the Department’s faculty. In short, AFCnet represents an opportunity to interact and network with peers and faculty.




CERGAS, for pharmaceutical, biomedical and diagnostic companies
CERGAS Aziende Associate has been involved in applied research for the health care sector since 1980. Its mission is to promote integration between management theory and practice, and encourage dialogue among organizations, local health care providers and public and private hospitals. CERGAS membership brings many advantages, including access to information and training packages, and the opportunity to attend conferences and other high-profile events.




Network of Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have substantial social and ethical value. Since 1995, “CERGAS delle Aziende Non Profit” has been helping non-profit organizations operate and manage themselves in a way that is similar to private companies. In addition, the community has offered ad hoc services and acted as a platform for interaction between organizations and researchers in the non-profit sector.


Club Produzione e Tecnologia

The Operations and Technology Club was founded in 1996 to provide regular networking opportunities. This group attracts entrepreneurs and senior managers who are interested in debating and sharing their experiences in order to find pragmatic and innovative management solutions.



Community CIB

Established in 1985, Community CIB was designed to be a platform for students in the Intensive Banking Management Course to share their experiences. The course is aimed at middle and senior managers who are required to understand the complexities of the banking sector in all its functions. The community has been complementing course objectives by organizing related activities and talks with senior executives from the banking sector.




Network dei Direttori delle Aziende Sanitarie Pubbliche
(Network of Directors of Public Health Care Organizations)
DASP, which was set up in 2005, gathers top managers from the health care sector and provides a platform to discuss and analyse current issues together with the faculty of SDA Bocconi and established professionals from the industry. DASP promotes debate and the exchange of experiences in order to find innovative solutions to improve the management of public health care organizations.

Today more than ever, DASP is a prestigious network that allows professionals to gain the competence and know-how required to face the future challenges of management.


Knowledge Management Forum

The Knowledge Management Forum was born from the work of AIFA researchers Paola Castelli and Daniele Previati.

The first project, run between 2005 and 2006, offered a complete picture of the prospects and criticalities of knowledge management in the banking sector. Several banks took part in this project, sharing their practices and experience, and a strong relationship developed between the research team and the banks.



Marketing Community

The Marketing Community gathers students of the Department and professionals who are interested in keeping up-to-date on marketing, distribution, communication and sales. It is not just a community to share knowledge and experiences, but also one that promotes opportunities for dialogue and the professional development of its members.




Network Conti&Controlli nelle Amministrazioni Pubbliche (NETCAP)
(Network for Accounting and Control in Public Administration)
Public Administration is a sector in constant evolution, with changes and reforms being implemented on an ongoing basis. Over the years, NETCAP has become a reference point for Public Administration and a platform to share and improve practices.

NETCAP’s mission is to encourage the development of professionals working within local authorities and regional governments. In order to do so, NETCAP provides a platform where issues can be debated and experiences shared in a problem-solving oriented environment.



Public Administration Human Resource Community (PAHRC)
PAHRC is a community of Public Administration HR and Training Directors, which was founded by the Public Management & Policy Department of SDA Bocconi. The objective of the community is to gather knowledge and experiences from people who study innovations in HR management at a national and international level, as well as from HR professionals who have the opportunity to test new management solutions every day and face the complexities of a constantly changing environment.