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Self-awareness of your organizational behaviors

B-Aware is a self-assessment tool developed by SDA Bocconi researchers that highlights some of the behaviors, attitudes, and values we adopt every day in both our work environment and our personal life.

B-Aware is an opportunity for you to enhance your self-awareness and activate a continuous learning process about certain elements that have a significant impact on your professional and personal effectiveness. 

B-Aware is for Bocconi alumni only.

B-Aware analyzes 7 areas:
  • Performance and Imagination, Knowledge Processing, Relational Agility, and Strategic Outlook describe how we normally function and interact with others. 
  • Work Values and Temporal Orientation are overarching elements that influence our daily behavior.
  • Acting Self is how we deal with our emotions; it’s also about resilience and multitasking.
B-Aware includes 2 steps:

A. Online Self-Assessment Questionnaire: it only takes about 10 minutes of your time, but it can immediately determine your most and least typical behaviors in the 7 areas mentioned above, and you will receive a personal report with full details.

You will be able to access the questionnaire with the same login information you use to access the Bocconi Alumni website.


B. Laser Coaching: after receiving your report you will use our online booking system to schedule a 30-minute feedback session with an SDA Bocconi coach. Your coach will help you analyze your results and kick-start a development plan based on your priorities.

Price: € 140,00 + VAT