A new perspective to build your global leadership

Angelini Future Leaders Program 2021-2023

Designed for globally-minded, fast paced, international talents the ANGELINI FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAM is a 18-month program which allows you to balance career development and managerial education.

With this innovative, blended, practice-oriented and advanced program, you will be able to acquire global thinking while keeping local focus.

The program is powered by Angelini Academy, which aims at building distinctive skills and developing talents supporting the business at Angelini Industries.

Why Angelini Future Leaders Program


Angelini Future Leaders Program Will Ignite the Leader in You


This is a unique program designed to develop Angelini’s Future Leaders (AFL) by providing challenging and purposeful opportunities that will accelerate their readiness to take on business leadership roles. 


Who Is It For

Program Learning Goals

  • Are you a talented and brilliant candidate with strong motivation, a great deal of curiosity, communication and leadership skills?
  • Do you have an international experience and the ambition to lead a team?  
  • Do you have 2 - 5 years’ professional seniority and are you looking for an exciting career?


Challenge yourself

If you're looking for a dynamic work environment with recognition and rewards for your creativity, innovation and determination, you will be hired in the Angelini Industries.

Apply to work with us on:



    Discover how your decisions reverberate across different functional dimensions. Acquire a comprehensive view of leadership.
    Analyze different real-life cases. Enhance your knowledge of key leadership precepts to confront critical situations with confidence.
    Become a model for inspirational leadership whose actions are driven by professionalism, integrity, speed and rigor.
    Gain a global vision that empowers you to understand the trends, shifts and opportunities shaping our world today.
    Acquire a critical eye for identifying new opportunities - and the innovative drive to realize them. Unleash your “inner entrepreneur”.
    Learn how to manage different personalities and objectives and unite others around a common goal.

Key Facts on the Angelini Future Leaders Program

  • Duration: 18 months, November 2021 - May 2023, including 2 job rotations
  • Location: Over 26 countries
  • Companies of the Angelini Group involved: Angelini Holding, Angelini Pharma, Angelini Consumer, Fater, Fameccanica
  • Eligibility: 2-5 years of work experience
  • Degrees required: both humanities than STEM degrees

"We like long term oriented partnership, particularly with companies which are innovative, characterized by strong values and attention to people and human capital, so Angelini is the ideal partner for us. It’s a key challenge for us, since our mission is to help companies and organizations fostering new generations of thoughtful and responsible leaders."

Giuseppe Soda
Dean SDA Bocconi

"Angelini Industries has started a process of business and organizational transformation. To meet this change, talent management plays a key role.  
We want to nurture a talents pool that will guarantee us new ideas and long-term sustainability.
The young candidates of this program will embark on an extraordinary experience aimed at offering them a leadership role consistent with the emerging business needs of Angelini Industries."

Marco Morbidelli
Chief HR & Organization Officer Angelini Holding

Angelini Industries

Angelini Industries is an Italian multinational industrial group founded in 1919, present in 26 countries with 5,700 employees and revenues of 1.7 billion Euros. It operates in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, machinery, wine, perfumery and dermocosmetics sectors. It includes:

  • Angelini Pharma, an international group that researches, develops and markets health solutions with products sold in over 70 countries
  • Fater, founded in 1958 and since 1992 an equal joint venture with Procter & Gamble, is active in the personal and home care sector with the brands Lines, Pampers, Tampax and Ace
  • Fameccanica, an international automation and robotics group for industry, founded in 1975 and a joint venture with Procter & Gamble, present today with 3 production sites in Italy, USA and China
  • Angelini Wines & Estates, that works in the wine sector with six wineries, covering a total of 1,700 hectares of land and a total production of around 4 million bottles per year;
  • Angelini Beauty, business unit dedicated to the perfumery and dermocosmetics sectors
  • Angelini Consumer, a business unit dedicated to the development of products linked to childhood, new families, mature age, hygiene and disinfection of the person and the home
  • Madre Natura, a joint venture with the Hero Group that produces 100% organic baby food