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2021 Alumni promo

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, SDA Bocconi School of Management is pleased to offer a gift to its former students. During 2021 each Alumnus can attend an Executive Open Program for free when a colleague or friend enrolls for the same Program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to keep developing your skills and grow in your profession.

  • From 15 February 2021, Bocconi Alumni who enroll for an Executive Open Program starting by 31 December 2021 will be able to attend for free if a colleague or friend enrolls for the same course at the same time.
  • The promotion applies to all On-campus, Blended and Online Live Programs.
  • The promotion does not apply to Online On Demand Programs for which existing Alumni discounts apply.
  • The School reserves the right to check the Alumnus status of each applicant.
  • Bocconi Alumni will be able to participate in more than one Executive Open Program (starting by 31 December 2021) free of charge if for each of these courses he/she has indicated a regularly enrolled participant.
  • Registration for the Program by the Alumnus and the colleague or friend must be sent at the same time.
  • If the Alumnus enrolls through his/her own company, the colleague who is regularly enrolled in association with the Alumnus must pay the entire participation fee and cannot take advantage of other benefits (such as company discounts, discounts for multiple enrollments or women discounts). In the case of multiple enrollments, on the other hand, other employees not associated with the Alumnus can take advantage of existing benefits (i.e. company discount, women discount). The rule of non-cumulative reductions guarantees the most favorable discount to the participant or the organization. For example, if a company enrolls 3 people for the same Program, the Alumnus will be able to participate for free, the second participant will pay the full fee and the third will be able to take advantage of existing discounts. In case no discounts are in place, the latter will have to pay the full fee.
  • The Alumnus enrolling on a personal basis will be responsible for referring the name of his/her friend who will enroll for the same Program and the latter will take advantage of existing discount rules (i.e. if the friend is a woman, she will benefit from a 20% discount on the enrollment fee). The existing Alumni discounts will be applied in the event the Alumnus enrolls on a personal basis and does not want to refer any friends.
  • To benefit from this promotion the Alumnus must fill in “ALUMNI2021” in the registration form (Note 1) along with the name and surname of the third person he/she is indicating. In his/her own registration form (note 1), the paying participant must write down “FRIEND2021” and the name of the Alumnus who referred him/her.