MCF Learning Model

The MCF provides a full-time commitment. You are required to focus on the program, and be intellectually committed, and as such there is no time for part-time employment. Attendance is compulsory and you are required to maintain a high level of attention and involvement in class sessions.

You are also expected to possess and exercise a keen ability to evaluate and judge yourself, others, and situations.

Learning Goals

By the end of the program, you are expected to have mastered:

  • Theoretical financial knowledge: understanding of key finance concepts and their interrelation.
  • Practical financial knowledge and technical skills: application of key concepts learned in class to real life cases.
  • Critical thinking, analytical problem solving, and ethical behavior: development of decision-making abilities by balancing data with good judgment and ethical reasoning.


Facilities and Other Learning Tools

The MCF is housed in the Masters Division building, which hosts 12 classrooms equipped with multimedia stations, more than 80 areas for group work, and a dedicated wireless system. We recommend students bring their own laptops to the program.


The Università Bocconi Library offers access to over 500,000 volumes and more than 7,000 periodicals, a collection that makes our library one of the world’s richest sources of information on economics, finance, and management


You will be assigned a personal e-mail account in the Bocconi domain, and you will have access to several databases containing information on economics, finance and business management