Master in Corporate Finance | SDA Bocconi

Remarkable people, sophisticated knowledge and life changing experiences? Yes, that is MCF.
MCF is a 360° experience. You will have the chance to develop every skill your creative mind can think of. It is a great chance to learn from diverse minds and backgrounds, study sophisticated tools, and last but not least, have a great time in one of the most charming cities in the world.

Carlo Michele Del Sordo d'Amore - Brazilian/Italian
MCF 2018
Private Equity intern, Patria Private Capital

The MCF is one of the biggest steps in my life that I have taken to strive and succeed. It provides multiple opportunities for personal and knowledge development, along with the acquisition of new technical knowledge. The experience brought classmates from multi-cultural backgrounds and gave us knowledge on how to collaborate through into account different cultural norms. It is a unique program for people who are not afraid of challenges and ready to expand their limits. The program gave me knowledge and skills to start my career in the field that I had always dreamed about in one of the most prominent and exotic business centers - Hong Kong.

Elena Bragina - Russian
MCF 2018
Intern - FX Trading, Intesa Sanpaolo Hong Kong

Not only did the MCF give me the academic and practical tools necessary to make a jump in the financial services industry, it also represented an unforgettable experience from the human standpoint. I came across people from all around the world, got to know their culture and built life-lasting relationships.

Andrea Accatino - Italian
MCF 2018
Investment Analyst at Brightside Capital

The MCF provides candidates with a world-class education, an exceedingly relevant financial skill-set and exposure to a truly professional network, laying the foundation for a successful career in a highly competitive industry. In particular, the program’s career development events with international corporations support candidates from the very beginning. I personally recommend MCF to anyone seeking quality, diversity and an internationally oriented program.

Jonas Hermann - German
MCF 2018
Intern - Mergers & Acquisitions, Alantra

MCF program has provided me with a wide range of technical capabilities to accelerate my professional career in finance. On top of that, it helped me to increase my personal development.

Gašper Petrovčič - Slovenian
MCF 2017
M&A Analyst, Mediobanca

Doing the MCF was a continuous challenge and rewarding one. Throughout this experience I acquired and sharpened not only my financial knowledge but also my soft skills. It is a great platform to transform your professional career.

Sofía Sánchez Solis - Mexican
MCF 2017
Purchasing Controller, Nestlè Waters

The MCF provided me with the quantitative skills and broad academic knowledge that allow me the possibility to pick the job that suits me best. Last year, I chose MCF for its broad array of courses, representing a concrete blend between the theory of finance and real professional experience.

Giulia Ferranti - Italian
MCF 2017
Financial Analyst, Eni

“The MCF offers a rare and very well balanced mixture of theory and practice. It helped me in leveraging on my academic track record to boost my career at an international level in a few months. Any investment in your capabilities, when coupled with hardworking, eventually pays off. Thanks to what I’ve learned in terms of both hard and soft skills, I managed to successfully compete with international candidates for a position abroad.”

Maria Chiara Caviggioli - Italian
MCF 2016
Moody's Investors Service UK, Associate Analyst

“The MCF was an incomparable experience, very helpful for the development of time management skills, teamwork mentality and constant self-questioning, but it also left time for extracurricular activities and fascinating experiences. I developed a skill set that I am pretty confident it will be a valuable asset for my personal and professional growth. Coming from a non-financial background, the MCF was my ticket to the world of Finance, and in a bulge-bracket firm too.”

Dimitrios Gkalimanis - Greek
MCF 2016
JP Morgan, Corporate Investment Banking, Credit Risk Analist

“The MCF is definitely a big challenge, and a partner for life. Having SDA Bocconi as your alma mater shows that you are a determined individual, who received some of the best education in Europe. You will learn the craft directly from people who do this for living. The MCF will also open up doors for creating a prominent network. Eventually, the hard work will pay off, and you start doing what you always wanted to. You will have forever fond memories about this experience.”

Simona Kostadinova - Bulgarian
MCF 2015
Analyst, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

“The MCF leads you to improve your financial expertise and your personal skills with a full time program, which combines theory lessons with business cases. The international environment promotes diversity and teamwork. If you want to invest in yourself in order to grow both as a professional and as an individual person, go for the MCF.”

Giovanna Malponte Tesolat - Italian
MCF 2015
Head of Controlling, Credit & Business Analysis, Swarowski

"The MCF is a challenging experience and I am truly proud of the investment I made. This hands-on program is the perfect place to make mistakes and to learn from them, therefore getting prepared to meet the future employer’s expectations. On one hand, the program puts you on the edge of your capabilities; on the other hand, it gives you room to understand which work path you’d like most."

Piergiuseppe Albanese Trigona - Italian
MCF 2015
Analyst, Jones Lang Lasalle