First-hand Contact with the MCF

Would you like to get in touch with current MCF students to find out more about their experience? Are you planning to apply for the MCF and would like to get an insider’s take on the program? Please, connect with one of our ambassadors! They will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MCF decision, clarify any doubts, or simply have a chat with you.

Sara Galliazzo

Italian - Manager, Strategy & Transactions, Ernst&Young

MCF 2018
Jonas Hermann

German - Finance Analyst, Enterprise Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson

MCF 2018
Maria Chiara Caviggioli

Italian - Associate Analyst, Moody's Invedtors Service - Corporate Finance

MCF 2016
Simona Kostadinova

Bulgarian - Associate, Brookfield Asset Management

MCF 2015