Industry Reports

: Competitive advantages and disadvantages of the Italian financial industry and its regulations
Subject Areas: Financial Services
Year of Publication: 2013
Project Dates: 01/01/2013-12/31/2013
Project Length: 3 months
Abstract: The research aimed to map and understand the major changes in the distribution channels of financial products for the final customers. The Industry Survey tracks more than 50 banks and financial services. It includes information about the current industry environment, industry trends, key industry ratios and statistics, how to analyze a company, a glossary of terms and financial analysis.


Industry Research Reports are useful tools for providing strategic insight and analyzing several industries. Detailed and focused, Research Unit industry reports offer the very latest content on every Italian and international industry that helps firms make better decisions.  In particular, through our KC, we study the “made in Italy” industries.

All our experts have a clear industry focus. In this way we can help firms and external partners to analyze their specific reality within the industry scenario and to increase the decision making ability.


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