Case Studies

: Prysmian Group, leading the way in the global cable industry
Subject Areas: Strategy
Funders: Prysmian Group
Year of Publication: 2013
Project Dates: 01/01/2013-12/31/2013
Project Length: 1 year
Abstract: Prysmian Group is one of the first major Italian companies to have created its own international school for management and professional training and education, in collaboration with SDA Bocconi. "Prysmian Group is an ideal partner for SDA Bocconi, for several reasons" – explains Markus Venzin – "The classrooms are very international and Prysmian appreciates the variety of research and teaching methods we use - from case discussions, business simulations or project work to experiential learning exercises and distance learning. Furthermore, our faculty closely and successfully collaborates with guest speakers from Prysmian's top management team which allows for mutual learning and inspiration. Within Research Unit, we developed the Prysmian Case, a very useful tool to understand the Prysmian reality and develop further research projects".


Case study research is useful for analyzing and solving specific managerial problems, for telling stories within the firms, for internal and external dissemination and communication and for creating a link between research and teaching.

Collecting data, making interviews, writing teaching notes are powerful ways to analyze a specific issue, to describe and discuss it with relevant stakeholders and to improve decision making.


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