HUAWEI TECH WITH HER - Digital Government Transformation

Nov 2022 09:00 - 17:30 | CET

ROMA Villa Nibby


"Tech with Her" a SDA Bocconi initiative, sponsored by Huawei, dedicated to working women across ages, coming from small and medium sized firms, to reduce the gender gap in the world of technology and the digital economy in general, with a series of completely free training sessions.

The third initiative “Digital Government Transformation” is dedicated to women working with or for public administrations. It provides a background of the trends and tools necessary to foster digital innovation in light of the existing challenges and to enable participants to understand how to identify and manage the resulting risks from the use of digital technologies.

Need assessment for digital government: understanding the external and internal contexts.

  • Understanding how technologies impact individuals, firms and institutions
  • Managing the complex digital transformation project in the public sector environment
  • Cybersecurity as a public good

The Initiative is free upon application.

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