SDA Bocconi Campus tops the Financial Times’ Carbon Footprint Rank

The prestigious British newspaper has awarded our campus as the most sustainable in the world.


After placing Bocconi University among the top 10 best schools for a Masters in Management, the Financial Times has awarded our institution another recognition: first place in the Carbon Footprint Rank for the most sustainable campus in the world. This special classification assesses the environmental footprint and goals to reduce CO2 emissions of the university on a global level.


The ranking recognizes the efforts we are making to achieve carbon neutrality of direct emissions by 2025. This objective is possible because of the investment in technology for self-production of energy from solar and geothermal sources, which have helped bring the installed power on campus above the 1.2 MW level. The university has also made a commitment to reduce indirect emissions and has been purchasing electricity exclusively from certified renewable sources since 2017.


  • " This recognition is a tangible testament to our commitment to sustainability and our desire to be at the forefront of this field," says Francesco Perrini, Associate Dean for Sustainability at SDA Bocconi School of Management. "We have been working tirelessly for more than 30 years to ensure that our activities are in line with the most ambitious sustainability goals, both social and environmental, and to instill a sustainable mindset in every aspect of university life. Our path toward sustainability is not only an ethical duty to future generations, but also represents a clear indication of how education can play a key role in creating a more sustainable world."


The Net Zero objective is the next step. The Financial Times’ recognition is not only a tribute to the innovation and environmental commitment of Bocconi, but also a call to action for the entire academic world to offer concrete action in fight against climate change.


SDA Bocconi School of Management




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