A new tool for managers: SDA Bocconi launches the experiential practice Mind~theDeep ®


As part of the Leadership Program directed by Massimo Magni, SDA Bocconi has inaugurated Mind~theDeep®, an experiential self-empowerment activity based on breath modification in water.

This is a cognitive enhancement methodology that enables managers to use their stress management skills, self-awareness and emotional regulation. Long applied in the world of sports through the Deep Inside method developed by Alessandro Vergendo and Rosarita Gagliardi, in 2022 this methodology was scientifically tested and validated through the Mind~theDeep® project designed by Silvia Pozzi and developed with a group of managers from SDA Bocconi's Executive MBA program. The results showed that specific breathing modification exercises in water lead to highly positive effects on managerial performance.

For these reasons, SDA Bocconi began offering the Mind~theDeep® experience for some of its courses, taking advantage of the on-campus Aquamore pool at the new Bocconi Sport Center. More specifically, 26 managers in the Leadership Program had the opportunity to experience this innovative technique, first poolside and then in the water, with exercises aimed at increasing self-awareness, managing stress, improving attention and strengthening interpersonal skills. The results exceeded expectations, with participants reporting a high degree of satisfaction in terms of relaxation, tranquility, self-control and psychophysical balance.

“The introduction of an innovative practice that uses the effect of water to enhance mental abilities, offering those who practice it useful tools for coping with the complexities of everyday life, is a 'world first' in the field of management education," explains Carlo Altomonte, Associate Dean for Stakeholder Engagement Programs at SDA Bocconi and Head of Water Sports at the Bocconi Sport Center. "This allows us to virtuously combine sports and academic activities and opens up new paths to research and innovation, which are two fundamental pillars of our School”.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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