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The Dossier of issue number 2-2022 of Economia&Management is dedicated to the management of healthcare. As the Editor-in-Chief Fabrizio Perretti recalls in his editorial: “Covid-19 showed not only the importance the healthcare system, but also that its performance – and in the case of the pandemic this meant the difference between life and death of patients – depends not only on the quality and effort of doctors, nurses, and all healthcare personnel, but on their organization and the proper management of resources.”

The pandemic has put Italian healthcare and health services companies under strong pressure and forced them to redefine priorities, organizational models, and the cognitive maps underlying decision-making processes and management tools.

The articles that make up the Dossier provide an overview of the principal current and future challenges for a sector that is of extraordinary importance and characterized by a dense network of interconnections with our country’s economic and social system.

In addition to the Dossier, the magazine presents a Focus dedicated to the evolution of the space sector at the global level. The advent of private actors, the development of satellite constellations, and the revival of human space exploration represent elements of an epochal shift underway. The articles that make up the Focus offer a panorama of the space economy, focusing on two important challenges that the sector will have to face in the coming years: the sustainability of Low Earth Orbit and the development of lunar activities.

The issue is completed with the visual reading and the podcast on the evolution of procurement from a digital standpoint, and various articles by important figures on current and cutting-edge managerial themes.

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