EMiLUX ALUMNI SERIES | The story of Giorgia Fornasari


Students and Alumni are the best testimonial of how EMiLUX helps students achieve their goals. So let’s hear from them! Giorgia Fornasari worked in Real Estate when she applied to EMiLUX - and now, thanks to the Master, she has a role in Kering, a global luxury Group.

“Previously I was working as Leasing manager at Arcus Real Estate (a company in the Percassi group) and I was reporting to the Head of Leasing. Now, I am fully responsible for the Leasing and Retail department in Design Management – Kering group.


I’d wanted to attend this Program for a long time – ever since its first edition. I saw it as a way to further develop my understanding of the retail and luxury world as well as pursue a better future for myself.

Despite all the uncertainty and fear of that unpredictable time, I decided to apply during the lockdown in 2020. I hoped that the program would be the one fundamental “ingredient” to drive me, my job, and the overall luxury business towards new horizons of growth and innovation, and one that had to be leveraged especially in this time of change.

How was EMiLUX experience?

I find the program very interesting and stimulating for people like me, who are always looking for new challenges. Above all, I was attracted by the opportunity to enhance my understanding of luxury through theory and practice in different countries and by interacting in a multicultural environment. The program is not over yet but I already see my way of thinking has changed. I now have a wider vision that is helping me to become more analytical in my daily work life.

EMiLUX in three words?

Commitment, opportunities and knowledge. If I could travel back in time I would probably tell myself to apply for the first edition of Emilux ;)

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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