Women’s Management: an event for recognizing achievements and sharing perspectives of the future

On the 14th of November, SDA Bocconi in Rome hosted “Improve Your Leadership”, an initiative by Fortune Italia’s Most Powerful Women community dedicated to the themes of female leadership and gender equality.


On Monday the 14th November at SDA Bocconi, in Via Nibby in Rome, the event held together with Fortune Italia’s Most Powerful Women community titled “Improve Your Leadership” addressed topics that included, but were not limited to: increasing attention to Diversity & Inclusion policies, the growing importance of women’s leadership for companies and institutions, and the contribution of women to a new idea of the future.

This was a day of debate to reflect on the role of women within the governance of companies and organizations. A topic that is as pertinent as ever, given the great transformations that are taking place in the managerial landscape both in Italy and abroad. Italy, despite having made considerable progress, still leaves considerable room for improvement.

Because, as SDA Bocconi Associate Dean Rossella Cappetta states, “the lower participation of women is one of the central problems of the workplace in Italy. And working women often tend to be given tasks of lower quality. Among the tools we must use to rapidly change this situation is certainly training. We can do this by means of scholarships and subsidies to increase female participation, which has doubled in recent years to over 40 per cent in our management training programs. And we have acted to strengthen skills to support quality female workplace involvement with the specific Diversity & Inclusion program and numerous other tailor-made programs for companies”.

In this light, the list of Italy’s 50 Most Powerful Women presented during the event appears even more significant: an important recognition for all the women who are working to build an even more open and inclusive future. In fact, as Bocconi University’s Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability Paola Profeta reminds us, “despite recent progress, women are underrepresented in decision-making positions and roles of power. It is important to celebrate the successes of women in their professional lives to inspire others and to create a culture in our society that increasingly promotes the path of female empowerment”.

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