Executive Procurement School, preparing for new challenges in the value chain

SDA Bocconi for Enel: the second edition of the executive program kicks off


The second edition of the training program dedicated to the different dimensions of global procurement, the result of a well-established collaboration between Enel and SDA Bocconi, is now underway. Once again, the goal of Executive Procurement School is to provide an ever-growing audience of executives in the Procurement function with the specific skills – most importantly the strategic governance of supply chain and operations, followed by the vital theme of sustainability and energy transition – as well as the soft skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing environment – development of leadership and influencing capacity, negotiation strategies, decision-making management in times of crisis.

Enel’s Global Procurement is thus confirming its intention to promote the best strategies for value creation in all its forms. This starts with training its managers in the light of clear drivers: safety, savings, time, quality, performance, revenue, flexibility, cash flow and risk reduction. But there’s more to it: today, procurement also means sustainability, circular economy, innovation and sharing values and goals with suppliers. All these aspects constitute a common ground with SDA Bocconi’s training approach, and now enable this joint, high-impact project to move forward.

In addition to the well-established teaching formats and tools already in place, such as “A Talk with” (meetings with prominent guest speakers to discuss emerging issues and trends), business simulations developed by SDA Bocconi, as well as the creation of project works involving participants in concrete actions within Enel, this second edition also includes team-building activities, such as an ice-breaking day that makes an experiential start to the training journey.

Full educational integration between the School and Enel is ensured by a significant presence of Enel representatives within the program’s faculty.

“Participating in the Executive Procurement School is an opportunity for personal growth and, by extension, for the entire company,” says Francesca Di Carlo, Head of Enel Global Procurement. “The role of buyers has changed compared to the past and requires new skills and a good use of new tools: on the one hand, buyers must enable the business to achieve the Group’s objectives, facing the challenges in an increasingly complex international economic environment; on the other hand, they play a key role in pushing the supply chain toward decarbonization and sustainability.”

“In the current scenario, procurement managers continue to play a central role in the company. More than ever, they pursue continuity and economic sustainability goals for the business and its supply chain,” commented Program director Giuseppe Stabilini. “In this second edition of the program, we have carried on with a multidisciplinary focus, further increasing integration between SDA Bocconi faculty and Enel top managers, while also confirming field projects on groundbreaking topics and processes.”

“Enel aims at building on the ability of all colleagues to look onto the future in a proactive way, constantly and curiously keeping up with novelties. This project aims to support the evolution of mindset and skills for the future of the Procurement function, empowering colleagues to face the great challenges that the macroeconomic context brings about and relying on the power of networks as a privileged means for sharing experiences and skills,” says Andrea Lo Faso, Head of Enel People and Organization Staff & Services.

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