The technological challenge for management education

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The transformation of the value chain for schools and universities, in particular in the area of management education, has accelerated in recent years (obviously partly due to the Covid-19 hurricane). This acceleration has made the context extremely dynamic, intensely competitive with the arrival of new entrants, and highly permeable to new learning technologies, with a proliferation of online programs.

One concrete outcome is an unbundling of services, with various actors outside of universities and business schools playing their part. In this context, education should be conceived and redesigned as an ecosystem, one that is solidly grounded on the combination of a digitally-enriched learning experience and a community of learners.

Thanks to the complementarity of two platforms - a knowledge platform and a technology platform – online programs offer learners the chance to acquire, develop and reinforce new skill sets and competences, all the while with high levels interactivity. Specifically, vertical interaction is guided by the educator, who chooses various tools and learning objects requiring different levels of involvement. Horizontal interaction comes about thanks to students sharing their knowledge and experiences. And with many more students participating in online learning compared to any physical classroom, this learning process becomes truly community based.


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