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The Dossier of the second issue of Economia&Management this year proposes a journey in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), whose impact on global GDP in the next 10 years is estimated at 15.7 trillion dollars. Businesses and organizations are experimenting and directly seeing the many advantages that sensors, algorithms and tools for storing and analyzing data make available to them.

Those innovations are revolutionizing production processes and influencing management choices; they are able to generate productivity increases in logistics activities and have a strong impact on key sectors such as health and banking, for example; they drive the transformation of marketing and sales functions and the related services; they radically modify the support activities traditionally linked to human resources, accounting and financial management, and technological development. Yet, as Fabrizio Perretti reminds us in his opening editorial, "in this reality that businesses and organizations are exploring there are certainly many advantages and benefits; but there are also many risks and criticalities," at the ethical, economic, and social level.

The Dossier of Economia&Management attempts to almost plastically represent the kaleidoscope of applications and implications of AI, thanks to the numerous contributions from the School's professors that allow the reader to analyze various aspects of research and managerial practice, but also to raise questions and reflect on the risks and dangers for organizations and society as a whole: from those linked to data collection and management to those resulting from the malfunctioning of algorithms.

In addition to the Dossier, as always the new issue of the magazine offers many other contributions: the Focus, for example, revolves around a hotly debated question in this historical period: the intervention of the state in the Italian economy. The lineup is completed with the visual reading and podcast on the importance of training in companies, and articles by important figures on current and cutting-edge managerial themes.

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