Stefano Sassi is the 2016 Bocconi Alumnus of the Year



Stefano Sassi, CEO of Valentino S.p.A, has been named the 2016 Bocconi Alumnus of the Year. The award, which goes to an Alumnus who has distinguished himself by exemplifying the Bocconi values of professionalism, initiative, integrity, responsibility and openness to pluralism, goes to a manager who graduated from Bocconi and then attended an MBA at SDA Bocconi.

The award will be presented on Friday 21 October by the President of the Bocconi Alumni Association, Riccardo Monti, during an evening attended by the leadership of Bocconi University, including President Mario Monti, Rector Andrea Sironi, Chief Executive Office Bruno Pavesi and Dean of SDA Bocconi Bruno Busacca.
Riccardo Monti explains the choice:
“For the first time, this award is being given to an Alumnus who represents excellence in Italian fashion around the world. With particular loyalty to Bocconi, with both a degree and an MBA, Sassi has then stood out due to his endorsement of Bocconi values. Stefano Sassi’s career path is unique and rare: he worked for six years in consulting at Bain&Company, then switched to the fashion world, taking the helm of companies that have made history of the Made in Italy brand: Cerruti, Marzotto and, since 2006, Valentino SpA. It is the perfect combination of fashion and finance, which has allowed him to increase Valentino’s revenues from €200m per year in 2009 to €1bn in 2015.”
A 1986 graduate in Economic and Social Sciences, Stefano Sassi began working at Bull S.p.A. before returning to SDA Bocconi to attend an MBA. After his diploma, he worked as a consultant at Bain&Company, where he stayed for six years, before moving into the fashion sector. His first position was as General Manager at Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, then he worked as General Manager at Cerruti Group, General Manager of the textile division at Marzotto S.p.A. and in 2006, he became Chief Executive Officer of Marzotto S.p.A. In December of the same year, he took on the role of CEO of Valentino S.p.A. Since May of 2013, he is also a board member at Camera Nazionale della Moda.
“It is wonderful that this award has been assigned to a driving sector in this country. This honor highlights the University’s focus on the wellspring of talent, creativity and opportunity that Italian fashion represents. I share this pleasure with the team that has been able to influence international fashion over recent years,” says Stefano Sassi. “Bocconi has twice been the starting point for my career and is a constant touchstone. Classmates and professors have defined the benchmarks that I have often referred to in my professional development.”
The fist Bocconi Alumnus award was given in 1988. Here are past recipients:
Giuseppe Sala, 2015
Federico Marchetti, 2014
Joerg Asmussen, 2013
Giovanni Ciserani, 2012
Fabrizio Saccomanni, 2011
Diego Piacentini and Laura Cioli, 2010
Nouriel Roubini and Giovanni Castellucci, 2009
Alberto Cribiore and Gaetano Micciché, 2008
Enrico Cucchiani and Paolo Cuccia, 2007
Vittorio Grilli, 2006
Claudio Costamagna, 2005
Vittorio Colao, 2004
Paolo Scaroni, 2003
Marco Drago, 2002
Corrado Passera, 2001
Renato Soru, 2000
Emma Bonino, 1999
Alessandro Profumo, 1998
Emma Marcegaglia, 1997
Isabella Ventura, 1996
Carlo Scognamiglio, 1995
Marco Tronchetti Provera, 1994
Giovanni Giudici, 1993
Lucio Stanca, 1992
Jody Vender, 1991
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, 1990
Giordano Zucchi, 1989
Roberto Mazzotta, 1988

Source: ViaSarfatti25

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