Young managers still dream of developing their career in a company, innovative and international


The preference is still for an established company rather than a start-up, according to a survey among MBA students and alumni worldwide conducted by SDA Bocconi. And the ideal company is Google, LVMH or McKinsey.

What does a young manager dream of today? Progressing in an innovative company, rather than launching a start-up, abroad. This is the main indication regarding their career development which emerges from a survey conducted by SDA Bocconi school of management among 370 MBA students and alumni from 45 countries, and with an average age of 30, who will take part in the 2016 Rolex MBA Conference & Regatta from September 29 in Italy, organized by SDA Bocconi. And when asked about their ideal company, the top brands result Google, LVMH and McKinsey.

Despite all the talk today about start-ups and entrepreneurship, 69% still indicate a preference to grow in an established company rather than launch their own business (31 %). But developing their career in a flexible way that includes grasping different job opportunities at different times (72 %), rather than simply growing vertically in the same company (28%). A career path that should also be developed preferably abroad (60 %) and not in one’s home country (40%).
The consulting and professional services sector is the one respondents indicate as the most attractive for their career. Next up came the financial and insurance sector, the fashion, design & luxury sector, energy and utilities and then the ICT sector. Asked about their ideal companies, respondents indicated Google, LVMH and McKinsey as the top three followed by BCG, Tesla, Bain, General Electric, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

The characteristics and values of a company are also important in career choices and respondents indicated ‘being innovative’ as the most important. Next in line were preferences for a company that values employee training and continuous learning, which is results-oriented, that emphasizes quality and that it is international.
“The results of the survey are interesting because they show that MBA candidates attach importance to the quality of the companies in which they would like to work but also to the flexibility of their career path and a work experience with an international breadth. It should also be noted that a not small percentage, about one third of respondents, increasingly sees the launch of a business venture as a challenge to grasp even in a particularly uncertain economic context like the present," says Stefano Gatti, Director of the Full-Time MBA at SDA Bocconi.
The 370 participants in the survey are from 19 business schools from around the world who will compete in Santa Margherita Ligure from 29 September to 2 October for the 2016  Rolex MBA Conference & Regatta 2016 trophy organized by the SDA Bocconi Sailing Club, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Italiano and in partnership with Rolex. Participants will be engaged in three intense days divided between challenges in the sea, discussion and networking and come from schools including, apart from host SDA Bocconi, London Business School, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, HEC, IESE and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Source: ViaSarfatti25

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