A Reunion: because you never forget your MBA

MBA Reunion 2019



The dates are set, 15-16 June, as well as the program, with sessions on marketing, organization and finance, a speech by explorer Alex Bellini and various social activities: the Bocconi Alumni Community and SDA Bocconi School of Management are getting ready for the eighth edition of the MBA Reunion. The event brings together alumni from various MBAs for two days of training and networking, with 24 classes participating this year.

The alumni involved will never forget their MBA, because of the intensity of the experience and the bond they have created with their classmates. "Participants have a triple A: they cultivate an aspiration for change, an ambition for excellence and a strong awareness of the importance of what happens outside businesses," comments Francesco Daveri, Program Director of the full-time MBA.

We heard from some of them, evoking the atmosphere of those frantic months.
What is the spirit of this experience?
Fabio Marchitti, EMBAWE 3 (on campus): “The spirit is that of a blindfolded parachute jump, because, at least personally, I didn't know exactly what I was getting into. But I was sure of two things, that I would be deeply inspired in so many ways and that the parachute would open."
What convinced you to choose SDA Bocconi?
Manuela Vallecchi, MBA 14 (1989): “It was a series of coincidences, of sliding doors. I had applied to Masters both in Europe and in the US, but as soon as I knew I was selected by SDA and, at the same time, that I had been awarded a scholarship, the choice was made! And it was a choice I would make again, so that when my daughter asked me for advice on where to enroll, I suggested she apply to Bocconi. And she graduated from her Bachelor program here."
Why did you decide to undertake an MBA?
Domenico Fazio, EMBAS 13 (2015): “After a long experience as a portfolio manager at private banks and family offices abroad, and in anticipation of the evolution of wealth managers capable of handling the complexity of individual and institutional assets, I needed to greatly expand the pool of my skills beyond those acquired on the job regarding financial markets."
What did you learn that is still a part of you?
Gianpaolo Fascina, MBA 9 (1984): "Something that has always accompanied me throughout life, i.e. 'seeing globally and acting locally.'"
Was the MBA a turning point in your career?
Michael Geisler, GEMBA 6 (2014): “I would say that the Master allows you to reach a higher level: for example, I gained the ability to better connect the various key elements within my company and see the company itself from a different perspective. This has given me an edge."
What are three things you enjoyed about the program?
Alexander English, MBA 41 (2016): “That period has stayed with me and I hope to one day come back to Italy to live, I loved Milan. I enjoyed getting to know all kinds of people from my classmates to the faculty and exploring various directions for a new career. Above all, it allowed me to get in touch with a network of alumni in San Francisco, where I now live: interesting people who also remind me of my life in Italy.”
Do activities outside the classroom help, such as study tours or company visits?
Stefano Zagnoni, MBA 29 (2004): “They help a lot, because they contribute to shortening the distance between business and the MBA and opening up new opportunities.”
What advice would you give to students about to start today?
Vittoria Villa, GEMBA 8 (2017): “You are about to start one of the greatest adventures of your life. Experience it to the fullest, taking advantage of every opportunity both in the classroom and living in the Bocconi community and make connections with your classmates. Whatever path you choose during and after the MBA, you will be projected into a new and exciting dimension. Don't set limits to expressing your potential."
Have you stayed in touch with classmates?
Anita Lombardi, EMBAS 8 (2009): “Our class is still a carnival of souls and brains, we are really close. I built solid friendships, love, support, sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences. Moments of real life, often very social and lots of fun. It's a continuous contamination of humanity.”


Source: ViaSarfatti25

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