A month in the MBA: discover the latest activities of a non-stop year.

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Just before the Winter's break, MBA students completed a typical (intense) MBA month.
As a matter of fact, throughout the year,  MBA Director Francesco Daveri and his team make sure to stretch the students' busy schedule so that,  beyond their MBA core activities, they can get in touch with top-notch, inspirational leaders and iconic brands - such as Google, Starbucks, Prada, Gucci and Valentino, Illy, etc - as well as  be  involved in informal  lunch talks on emerging or hot topics.
This is what happened last month, from Mid-November to mid-December (MBA Term Three): 
  • New learning pieces have been added to complement and leverage on what was taught in the first 2 Terms and  fast-forward the students' MBA experience: banking and capital markets, cost management, corporate strategy, macroeconomics and marketing analytics would definitely serve the purpose.
  • This would have been enough to keep students busy until Christmas break, but in December they have also been offered two non-mandatory courses: an Introduction to Python, as well as a Mindfulness course, also stretching into Term Four...not to mention international competitions and club activities...
  • The "program beyond the program" included two seminars on Nov. 13: a Lunch & Learn talk on "Mindful leadership in the 4.0 world" with Debashis Chatterjee, Director of IIM Kozhikode, followed by a Leadership Series' meeting with Sabina Belli, the CEO of the Pomellato Group, the Milanese jewelry maison. On Nov. 27 a special seminar with Stern's Edward Altman took place, on "The evolution of the Altman Z score models and applications in financial and managerial markets", to be followed on Dec. 2 by another seminar of the Leadership Series, which hosted Bernhard Url, Executive Director of the European ff Security Agency (EFSA). Last but not least, on Dec. 10, Rachel Sanderson, Italy's Financial Times correspondent, now also writing for the Economist, spent the lunch time with the students for a tailor-made seminar on "The future of Italy's family-based capitalism".
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