ABB Passport goes Europe


It was 1991 when ABB and SDA Bocconi partnered to design the ABB Passport, an innovative managerial initiative to attract talented young graduates: a one-year training program, consisting of face to face classes, on field projects and international assignments. Passport was the necessary certificate these young talents needed to surf in the global ABB organization.

After boarding a consistent group of talents through some editions of the program, ABB decided to address the Passport to high potentials already operating in the organization. The program should then balance class attendance with everyday job: the Passport turned into the ABB Lean Passport, a modular more concentrated but not less impactful course.

However, the Group’s increasing globalisation also required a new approach to multiculturalism and a new integration policy, as perceived in companies located in the Mediterranean area. Based on the tested Passport formula, ABB MED Passport was then designed. A program targeted to 9 southern European countries, which aimed at training talents capable of being tools of integration and spreading ABB culture to local contexts.

22 October 2018 represents a milestone in the partnership between ABB and SDA Bocconi School of Management: Passport goes Europe! Started from Italy, the program  has been spread in all the Mediterranean countries and now is becoming European. Its value is based, above all, on the right blend of theory and practice, strategic vision and operative skills, as well as specific abilities for managing new scenarios.

 “In ABB at the moment, many programs are designed by the Group and then cascaded to the different countries. Being able to export Passport to Europe is a success. It is a signal that this program is really great!” Mr. Luis Garcia, Learning & Development Manager South Europe Cluster



“ABB Passport is a success since 1991, because the program changes accordingly to the ABB needs and the specific time and challenges our company is facing. The Passport program is intense and perfectly customized.” Mr. Matteo Marini, Lead Division Manager, Power Grids, Europe


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