A Variety of Learning Formats

The learning model reflects SDA Bocconi’s spirit, which, through practical analyses and criticisms, stimulates and encourages the exchange of ideas, fostering a sense of belonging.


The curriculum is both rigorous and flexible, rich in theory but practical enough to be a test for the workplace. Throughout the program you will also be in close contact with professionals from various economic sectors.


We strongly believe that balancing theory with practice is the pillar of a good Executive MBA. To achieve this balance, we continuously invite influential academics, corporate executives, and community leaders.


Regular attendance in on-campus modules and distance-learning sessions for the two-year program is mandatory, and an absence of any significant length will make it impossible to complete the program.

Evaluation Process

In each module, you will be first assessed on a pass/fail basis. The primary objective of the initial evaluation is to confirm that you have acquired the necessary competencies in each subject. If you are granted a passing grade, you will then receive a final mark (A, B, C or D), distributed on a grading curve. If you receive three failing grades, you will be required to withdraw from the program.


This rigorous evaluation process is in place because we believe it preserves the value of the program and quality of each individual’s experience.