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    How many SDA Bocconi Alumni are there?

    There are more than 9,000 MBA and Master Alumni worldwide. The Alumni are one of the greatest assets of business schools and being part of the Alumni network is one of the life-long benefits of joining an MBA Program. The community of SDA Bocconi MBA Alumni is widespread, and is now connected on the global level through Bocconi Alumni Association which brings together all University, MBA and Master Alumni.

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    How can I contact an MBA Alumni to get direct information?

    The Alumni are very willing to speak openly about their experience and you can meet them in forums and infosessions.

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    What network contacts do the Alumni have?

    The Alumni are linked in an active network, organizing many different initiatives, and they are a precious resource for the SDA Bocconi as promoters and interviewers in various countries. To find out more, visit alumni page.