Latest publications

IOVINO L., La’O J., Mascarenhas R. Optimal monetary policy and disclosure with an informationally-constrained central banker Journal of Monetary Economics, 2021
IOVINO L. Liquidity Insurance with Market Information Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021, vol.19, no. 1, pp.275-304
Golosov M., IOVINO L. Social Insurance, Information Revelation, and Lack of Commitment Journal of Political Economy, 2021, vol.129, no. 9, pp.2629-2665
Angeletos G., IOVINO L., La'O J. Learning over the business cycle: Policy implications Journal of Economic Theory, 2020, vol.190, pp.105115
Angeletos G., IOVINO L., La'O J. Real Rigidity, Nominal Rigidity, and the Social Value of Information American Economic Review, 2016, vol.106, no. 1, pp.200-227

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022