Latest publications

Trentini F., CIANI O., Vanni E., GHISLANDI S., TORBICA A., Azzolini E., MELEGARO A. A repeated cross-sectional analysis on the economic impact of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic at the hospital level in Italy Scientific Reports, 2023, vol.13, no. 1, pp.12386
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Sheppard R. J., Watson O. J., Pieciak R., Lungu J., Kwenda G., Moyo C., Chanda S. L., Barnsley G., Brazeau N. F., Gerard-Ursin I. C. G., Olivera Mesa D., Whittaker C., Gregson S., Okell L. C., Ghani A. C., MacLeod W. B., Del Fava E., MELEGARO A., Hines J. Z., Mulenga L. B., Walker P. G. T., Mwananyanda L., Gill C. J. Using mortuary and burial data to place COVID-19 in Lusaka, Zambia within a global context Nature Communications, 2023, vol.14, no. 1
Shayegh S., Andreu-Perez J., Akoth C., Bosch-Capblanch X., Dasgupta S., Falchetta G., Gregson S., Hammad A. T., Herringer M., Kapkea F., Labella A., Lisciotto L., Martínez L., Macharia P. M., Morales-Ruiz P., Murage N., Offeddu V., South A., TORBICA A., Trentini F., MELEGARO A. Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine allocation in resource poor settings: Towards an Artificial Intelligence-enabled and Geospatial-assisted decision support framework Plos One, 2023, vol.18, no. 8, pp.e0275037
Trentini F., Manna A., Balbo N., Marziano V., Guzzetta G., O’Dell S., Kummer A. G., Litvinova M., Merler S., Ajelli M., Poletti P., MELEGARO A. Investigating the relationship between interventions, contact patterns, and SARS-CoV-2 transmissibility Epidemics, 2022, vol.40, pp.100601
CUCCINIELLO M., Pin P., Imre B., Porumbescu G. A., MELEGARO A. Altruism and vaccination intentions: Evidence from behavioral experiments Social Science & Medicine, 2022, vol.292, pp.114195

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Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022