“REInnovation Lab” is a research and education platform for the Real Estate industry designed by SDA Bocconi School of Management and Assoimmobiliare.


Digital transformation, regulation, big data, fintech are some of the keywords that identify the drivers of companies’ business models transformation and require all industry operators to take into account the changes and interrelationships with other sectors.


Implementing new techniques of data collection and data processing, and sharing experiences and knowledge through the comparison of different players are crucial factors in the development of successful strategies to achieve company’s goals.


REInnovation Lab aims to contribute to the evolution of this industry by creating an independent knowledge “laboratory” capable of elaborating primary data and experiences of many industry players and transforming them into operational tools. Research becomes the main innovation channel and a stimulus for the Lab’s projects and educational activities.


REInnovation Academy is an integral part of the REInnovation Lab: a managerial and economic-financial training program tailored for junior professionals who can then be employed in Partner Companies of the Academy.

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REInnovation Lab