HIT Radar VI

This 6th edition of the HIT Radar has a special meaning for us, given it arrives at the end of the first three years of life of our Digital Enterprise Value and Organization Lab (DEVO, for friends). That’s why we decided to introduce some new interesting features within our work, also thanks to the help and the insights of our Members. One of the first changes of this new edition regards the scouting process. Given the increased number of sources working on the identification of relevant tech trends, we decided to broaden the range of reports from third parties that we consider as inputs for the analysis. As a result, we revised the structure of the database addressing relevant tech objects, and we provided the DEVO Community with a summary of the main indications from the scouting. For the first time, the full scouting database has been released to Members as a significant by-product of the HIT Radar process. Dedicating more space and attention to scouting seemed to us an important step to take to avoid missing new interesting trends, applications and technologies. In this sense, we were also helped by our partners at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which in the new edition of their Disruptive Technologies and Clusters report highlighted how the six clusters they identified for the first edition of the Radar have evolved over time into nine. Among these, there are some definitely fascinating ones, such as […]

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