Back to Theory

October 22, 2020

The word “theory” refers to a set of definitions, principles and general laws that allow to observe and interpret what surrounds us. In a moment like this, in which many wonder why digital transformation journeys fail to deliver the expected results, the answer comes from the simple fact that the theoretical foundations of digital technologies and their adoption in business environments have been ignored.


Examples are Big Data projects launched without mastering the basics of Data Science, or recent initiatives in the Artificial Intelligence field, launched without a real understanding of the theoretical pillars of Machine Learning. Often, an automatic generation of value through the adoption of digital technologies has been envisioned and pursued, overlooking the founding principles of Business Administration.


The DEVO Lab’s Annual Meeting brings back to life the centrality of good theories to support digitalization good practices through the multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes our laboratory.


Back to Theory Agenda



Welcome The first 5 years of the DEVO Lab | Giuseppe Soda, Dean SDA Bocconi, Gianluigi Castelli, Direttore DEVO Lab, Presidente di Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Severino Meregalli, Associate Professor of Practice presso SDA Bocconi, Coordinatore Scientifico DEVO Lab

The event will be divided into five panels with renown speakers who will go into the details of the pillars of five digital topics:



Robotics | Roberto Cingolani, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Leonardo


Data Science | Stephen Brobst, Docente at The Data Warehousing Institute


Machine Learning | Riccardo Zecchina, Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at l'Università Bocconi


Regulatory Principles | Oreste Pollicino, Full Professor of Constitutional Law at Università Bocconi


Business Models and Value Generation | Giorgio Invernizzi, Full Professor of Strategy and Business at Università Bocconi