The SEKC knowledge network has grown over the years through experiences and relationships with market leaders and key players. As a consequence, the SEKC boasts a globalwide and high profile network of organizations and brands.

Knowledge Generation Network

The know-how of the sports and entertainment ecosystems in SDA Bocconi is a natural consequence of the in-depth knowledge developed over the years through experiences and relationships with leaders of the industries.

  • Sport organizations (Federations, Leagues, Clubs)
  • Sport event organizers
  • Consulting firms
  • Venues
  • Marketing and media companies
  • Event agencies
  • Entertainment companies
  • Data and tech companies
  • Universities and institutions

Alumni Network

The Alumni Network has the aim of creating a community of young professionals in the sports and entertainment industries, establishing new connections, creating stimulating debates about cultural industry issues, and learning and sharing best practice.


Alumni, based all over the world, are one of the major assets of the Business School and the Center constantly keeps the relationship with its Alumni.


The Bocconi Alumni Community ( also works for the enhancement of the Bocconi Alumni engaged in the sport system. Leader of the Sport Topic of the Bocconi Alumni Community (BAC) is Frank Leenders, Director General at FIBA Media & Marketing Services SA (in the photo on the right together with Kobe Bryant). 


FIFA Master Alumni established an association, the FIFA Master Alumni Worldwide (, which promotes many different initiatives to develop and share knowledge.

Universities Collaborations

Since 2015 Prof. Dino Ruta is affiliate professor at Columbia University where he teaches International Sports Management, presenting and discussing the international managerial challenges and comparing American vs. International sports’ model.

The Masters in Sport Management at Columbia University is 7th most esteemed worldwide (ranking Sport Business Postgraduate Rankings, 2022).