Digital Strategies Roundtable

Nico Abbatemarco

Junior Fellow of Information Systems
SDA Bocconi School of Management


At SDA Bocconi, Nico is part of the core team of the Digital Enterprise Value and Organization (DEVO) Lab. Here, he follows in particular the research stream on Bitcoin, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and has participated in research projects with private companies and international academic institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In addition to blockchain, within the DEVO Lab Nico carries out researches in the field of digital transformation. In particular, he has been a collaborator since 2017 of the HIT (High Impact Technology) Radar project, a six-monthly research aimed at determining the impact of disruptive digital technologies on companies.

Moreover, starting from 2019 he collaborates with Professor Hans Brechbühl as part of the core team of the Digital Strategies Roundtable and Corporate Information Security Roundtable initiatives.

Nico is co-author of the following books, reports, and academic papers:

De Rossi, L. M., Abbatemarco, N., & Salviotti, G. (2019, January). Towards a Comprehensive Blockchain Architecture Continuum. In Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Salviotti, G., De Rossi, L. M., & Abbatemarco, N. (2018). The Blockchain Journey. Milan, Bocconi University Press. ISBN 13: 978-8885486652.

Meregalli S., Salviotti, G. (2018). High Impact Technologies Radar - II edizione: General Report. Milan, Egea Publishing. ISBN 13: 978-8823816343.

Abbatemarco, N., De Rossi, L. M., & Salviotti, G. (2018). An econometric model to estimate the value of a cryptocurrency network: the Bitcoin case. In Proceedings of 26th European Conference on Information Systems.

Salviotti, G., De Rossi, L. M., & Abbatemarco, N. (2018, January). A structured framework to assess the business application landscape of blockchain technologies. In Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Nico holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance and an Master of Science in Management, both from Bocconi University. He has also been a visiting student in International Business at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan.