Digital Strategies Roundtable

Alejandro Lammertyn

Independent Consultant & Board Advisor

Transformational Leader with more than 30 years of experience collaborating in the construction of a Global Champion. Vast experience in many areas of the organization. Expert in process analysis and optimization. Designed and lead the Supply Chain Area, a key component of the company’s DNA. As a business leader was in charge of global Business Units with invoicing level above 3 billion dollars and created and lead the Eastern Hemisphere Region, the most culturally and geographically diverse region in the company. As Head of Strategic Planning transformed the management control system and routines in the company and was involved in the preparation and support of the Board Meetings assisting the Chairman and CEO. Nowadays fully engaged in Digital Transformation combining skills of process understanding, strategic thinking and keeping updated on technology developments including but not limited to the relevance of Cybersecurity, IOT and Cloud based developments.