Digital Strategies Roundtable

Workplace and Workforce 2020 Forward

June 3, 2020

San Francisco, CA, USA - Hosted online by Levi's


The nature of workplaces and workforces continues to evolve—indeed so does the nature of work itself. Globalization, outsourcing, technology and the cost of real estate started us down the path of change in the workplace. New generations of tech savvy, connected employees, along with the demands of our marketplaces, are further transforming the character of work and making the nature of the employer-employee relationship more temporal. The gig economy is an increasing reality as whether by choice, or necessity, many companies and individuals take flexibility over full-time employment. Some jobs are lost to information technology, others created by it. For some, digital and the fast pace of change is enabling, for others, befuddling.  Millennials, for instance, have a different approach to brands and products, a different view of corporations and the role of work and career in their lives, and big expectations of technology, collaboration and connection. How do we handle attracting, engaging and retaining employees from potentially five generations as we wrestle with what talent we need in-house and what we can engage from outside and provide them all an environment in which they can be productive?