Digital Strategies Roundtable

Tackling the Cyber Challenge

February 9 & 10, 2022

Houston, TX, USA – Hosted by Huntsman


This discussion will focus on how we are tackling the huge challenge today’s cyber environment provides and managing the associated risks. It is more difficult than ever to protect our corporations and the information/people within them in an environment of digital transformation where data is ever more central to competing effectively and both everyone and everything are connected. Threats and vulnerabilities combine to create risks, and both are increasing constantly. While threat actors are ever more capable and numerous, the digital transformation of corporations, introduction of new technologies and the acceleration of both during the pandemic all have combined to increase the attack surface greatly. After comparing notes on our respective cyber threat environments, as well as on the changes to our attack surfaces brought on by digital business and transformation, we will discuss how we are continuing to build our info/cyber security strategies to tackle these challenges, and how we are designing, deploying, and operating security, including what works best for partnering with OT and product groups that are new to this challenge and dealing with growing 3rd-party/vendor risks. We will discuss what is needed to continue to build a coherent and responsive information/cyber security organization today and what has changed in the talent and capabilities we need. We will also discuss how we govern info/cyber security, engaging the corporate leadership and board, getting this corporate risk the proper visibility and support in our organizations, from employees to the board. And we will address how we prepare for and manage crises and build-in business continuity. We have divided the day into four sessions, and provided some questions below to consider for each one.