Digital Strategies Roundtable

Managing Risk and Building Resilience

February 25, 2021

Houston, TX, USA- Hosted online by Huntsman


We live in turbulent times, with constant change and increasing unpredictability. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated this. Corporations had already been facing faster business cycles, heightened information security risks, more rapid product obsolescence, diverse threats to the global nature of our enterprises (e.g. tariff wars, regulation), and amplified public scrutiny and exposure. Now there are a further set of destabilizers, and globality itself is threatened. Today’s enterprise must therefore be fundamentally adept at managing risk—operational and strategic, predictable and not—while still creating value, and at preparing itself to be agile and resilient. This roundtable will focus what the major risks for our corporations are, how we each navigate them, anticipating, mitigating, and making tradeoffs in the context of value preservation or even creation, and how we prepare for disaster and build resilience. The roundtable will revolve more on operational, reputational, strategic and hazard risks, and less on financial risks (liquidity/currency/credit).