Digital Strategies Roundtable

IT Modernization
January 23 & 24, 2023

Houston, TX, USA – Hosted by Tenaris


Given the fundamental changes in many aspects of information technology in the least 5-10 years, most enterprises are in midst of big modernization efforts changing infrastructure, data storage, access to applications, etc., redoing foundational aspects of the tech footprint and operations. While typically not considered as disruptive for the whole company as digital transformation initiatives, IT modernization still leads to very significant change in at least IT strategy and operations and is often essential to enabling digital transformation for the corporation. Without modernizing and changing how IT enables all aspects of the business, many of the things we want to do in our business with data, how we want to interact with customers and our supply chain, how we want to connect products and develop associated services, how we want to embrace new ways of working, etc., would be more difficult if not impossible.


Central to this discussion will be the tech solutions and challenges associated with cloud, XaaS (“anything-as-a-service” — S/I/PaaS) integration, APIs, microservices, automation, and edge computing. We will also discuss the integration of niche tech as big players force standardization. Given the security challenges these developments and the general environment, we will also discuss the zero trust security model. The idea will be to share the “what” and “how” of managing these big shifts, discussing what has worked and why.