Digital Strategies Roundtable

Industry 4.0: The Digital Plant and Operations

October 16, 2019
Columbus, OH, USA - Hosted by Owens Corning


Much has been made of the digitalization of various aspects of the enterprise, but outside of the Industry 4.0 initiative in Europe (with perhaps strongest focus in Germany), the manufacturing sector, and especially factories/plants and manufacturing processes, have received comparatively little attention. This roundtable would focus on this topic, exploring what we are doing to incorporate industrial IoT and software, make next-generation productivity, digital twining, visibility and data gains, and take energy and safety steps. Included in this would be how to address the growing OT “vs.” IT challenge. What new technologies are enabling progress in these areas? Where are people striking gold in this arena? What are the inhibitors for industry 4.0? What progress is being made in continued automation and use of robotics? What roles are AI and machine-learning playing? How are sensors and ability to capture data enabling real-time analysis, performance management and adjustments? How do these “digital” issues interact with lean manufacturing principles? How does additive manufacturing play in this? Is anyone even commercializing their progress in services?


More information will be available in the future