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Digital Strategies Roundtable

Delivering Great Customer Experiences

April 29, 2020 - cancelled

Geneva, Switzerland - Hosted by International Federation of the Red Cross


Discussion would focus on what it takes to create an environment for and deliver on great customer experiences. It has been argued that it is no longer sufficient to “just” have great products, but that the right services and emotions must be built around them and it all must be delivered in a way that creates an “experience” for the customer. Increasingly this of course involves digital technology in all aspects of this. What does it take to do this?  What does it mean, in today’s context, to have a customer-focused organization and how do you enable that? How do you get reliable customer experience data and react accordingly and quickly?  Meeting this challenge requires a focus on the customer that comes from all areas of the enterprise, an increased customer intimacy that creates a great customer experience without stepping across certain privacy and trust lines. Moreover, arguably, a great employee experience, with great employee engagement, is what truly enables great customer experiences.