Digital Strategies Roundtable

Data Excellence:
Value Realization and Governance
October 10 & 11, 2023

Cleveland, OH, USA – Hosted by Eaton Corporation


Data is, at least in theory, recognized as an important competitive asset in most industries. The opportunities to generate, collect and combine data, both internal and external, continue to grow exponentially, limited practically by our individual and organizational ability to absorb, organize, analyze and utilize it. The maturing/adoption of technologies, perhaps especially the move to the cloud and the emergence of AI tools, offer the ability to work with vast amounts of data and derive valuable insights from it. The stakes seem to have been ratcheted up by generative AI, and with increased regulation, especially on privacy and security, the need for good data governance has also increased. But an overall framework for how to maximize the use of data for an enterprise still does not seem clear and deriving full value at a reasonable cost remains elusive for many enterprises — it is not clear why.

Some dozen years after the emergence of “big data”, what have we learned about our approach to this important subject? In this roundtable we will discuss our approaches to data strategy, management and organizational structure to maximize value creation, drive better/faster decision-making and ensure good governance.