Corporate Information Security Roundtable

Thomas Schaefer

Former Head of Information Security

Thomas Schaefer was born 1955 in Basel (Switzerland), widowed, no children, resident in the eastern part of Switzerland near St. Gallen. Qualifications include dipl. El. Ing. ETH (nowadays Master of Science), Industrial Engineer STV and Quality Manager NDS. Since mid of 2020 retired but still active as independent consultant, he worked for more than 10 years at Swiss Mobiliar as Head of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance and expert in the CISO office with IT risk management and IT security as his main responsibilities. Previously employed at a number of companies in various positions and roles (primarily developer, project manager, line manager...). Topics: ERP for mail-order trade, engineering for life science, environmental monitoring and measurement technologies, semiconductor manufacturing and photogrammetry/cartography.