Corporate Information Security Roundtable

Information Security in the Digital Age

April 25, 2019
Atlanta GA, USA - Hosted by Turner

As digital technologies develop and their use in all aspects of business grows, it has become clear that information technology is not just about gaining efficiency, removing cost, or speeding up internal processes. The powerful digital technology developments of the last few years are affecting how enterprises compete externally—being close to your customer is ever more important, and if you’re in a B2B business, getting closer to the end-consumer is too. More and more data, both structured and unstructured, is flowing and is the lifeblood of many businesses. Technology is enabling platform ecosystems, new service delivery models and opportunities through connected products, and facilitating new partnerships to deliver services in conjunction with 3rd-parties via APIs and apps...and it seems the number of tech vendors we engage is increasing daily.


As CISOs, we are asked to lead the charge to ensure all information is exchanged in a secure way, protecting critical information, minimizing risk, and without hindering creativity/innovation...all in an environment of increasingly powerful and varied threat actors. Our hope is that a cross-industry group like this can bring a new dimension to the fight, and so in this first meeting we will take multiple approaches to begin sharing perspectives on matters that are important to us all.


In this inaugural meeting of the Americas Chapter, we will discuss our businesses and the role of information security in each of them, as well as what our security organizations look like and where they sit in the corporate organization. We will also examine what controls and tools we are finding success with, including the use of the role advanced analytics and machine learning can play, and address our corporations approach to risk management and use of key risk indicators