18 July 2018, 06:00 pm ( CEST )
Milano - Lecture Hall, Libreria Egea - Viale Bligny 22

#MINE Event - Targeting millennials: is it really a different game?

Millennials are today's most talked-about generational group. They represent the obsession of marketeers in consumer goods companies, the target that marketeers long for the most. Millennials are said to be different from every other generational group. Flows of research are devoted to understanding their needs, desires, and preferences. However, they appear difficult to understand, fickle, and disengaged. A fascinating target yet a marketing nightmare. A conversation between Luca De Meo, Chairman of the Executive Committee at SEAT, and Gabriele Troilo, Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of SDA Bocconi, will try to give answers to some managerial hot questions:

# Are millennials really different from any other young generation of the past?

# What are the specific characteristics differentiating them from older consumers?

# How will the companies transform themselves to be attractive to all generations?

# What are the new rules for the digital age?

This #MINE event is free upon online registration and will be held in english.