12 July 2018, 06:30 pm
Milan - SDA Bocconi - Via Bocconi, 8

MFB and its hands on learning

Your opportunity to learn more about the SDA Bocconi MFB Program, and interact with the Director and two MFB current students, now working on their Field Projects.

Keynote Speakers
Vittoria Veronesi - MFB Director
Matthew Holy - MFB 2018, Canadian - Field Project at DIAGEO
Sebastian Villavicencio - MFB 2018, Ecuadorian - Field Project at Rummo

Francesca Roveda - Recruiting and Admissions Service

You will be able to ask questions, get live answers and discover if the MFB fits your profile and interests.

To learn the culture and methodology of management, see how the most successful international food and beverage companies utilize business, economic and marketing models, and  experience Italian excellence and heritage for 12 months.

In case you cannot attend the event in person, you may as well join the concurrent live webcast.