20 June 2018, 05:30 pm ( CEST )
Milano - Lecture Hall, Libreria Egea - Viale Bligny 22

#MINE Event - Artificial Intelligence: between myth and reality

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins to find practical applications in day-to-day life, we are hearing more and more about it. Every technology organization - whether start up or long established - now has “AI” in its offerings and many are making promises of, shall we say,
aspirational functionality. For the executives and also the consumers trying to make sense of this confusing landscape, being able to separate the reality from the myths in the marketplace is essential. With Riccardo Zecchina, top A.I. expert, winner of The 2016 Lars Onsager Award
for his studies on "deep learning", we'll try to give a first answer to some questions:
# What is AI?
# What is not AI: how can we avoid misconceptions and separate hype from reality?
# What are the differences between machine learning and deep learning and the new research frontiers?
# What about the main application areas (natural language processing, chatbot, computer vision…)?
# Can we say something about the short term perspectives of AI applications?
# What’s next: what are medium long term perspectives of AI applications?

This #MINE event is free upon online registration and will be held in english.