05 March 2018, 06:30 pm
Milan - SDA Bocconi - Via Bocconi, 8

The insiders' view: meet MIHMEP current students

Your opportunity to learn more about the SDA Bocconi Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy by interacting directly with the Director and current students.

Keynote Speakers
Federico Lega - MIHMEP Director
Kumara Prasad Palanivel - MIHMEP 2018, Indian
Gabriela Bonafe Grinberg - MIHMEP 2018, Italian/Brazilian
Alma Ayoo Okudo Bwire - MIHMEP 2018, Kenyan

You will be able to ask questions about the students' in-class eperience and future career goals and discover if the MIHMEP fits your profile and interests.

To learn how to expand your career possibilities and acquire the specific skills and abilities to successfully manage organizational and policy changes in health care systems around the globe.

In case you cannot attend the event in person, you may as well join the concurrent live webcast.