Jan 2022 11:00 - 13:00 | CET


Format Online
Language ENGLISH
Location Online

2021 represented a crucial year for climate policies. Several global actors committed to strengthen their efforts for decarbonizing their economies in the upcoming decades.

Since energy production and energy markets will surely play a pivotal role in the road towards net zero, this event aims at investigating some crucial links between market design and decarbonization, through keynotes by experts and academics and an open discussion to follow.

Among the focus points, the analysis will investigate the role of long term Power Purchase Agreements.

This event is offered by SDABOCCONI SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT in collaboration with ECCO.

ECCO is the first independent Italian, non-profit climate change think tank. Founded in 2021 with the mission to accelerate climate action in Italy and around the world, ECCO uses its independence and expertise to identify and promote transformative science-led climate solutions and implementation strategies. ECCO is an active agent of change, deploying strategic communication, advocacy and diplomacy to shape climate and energy politics in all forms. www.eccoclimate.org

SDA Bocconi School of Management aims to develop and disseminate innovative and influential research to support business, finance and policy making in the journey towards a more sustainable and just energy system based on the adoption of clean energy technologies.

SDA Bocconi applies a multidisciplinary approach to conduct applied research on the entire value chain. All energy markets, infrastructures and clean technologies are investigated through the lenses of policy and strategy, market design and regulation, economics and finance.


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