Hila Lifshitz-Assaf

Warwick Business School


Professor of Management at Warwick Business School and a visiting faculty at Harvard University, at the Lab for Innovation Science (LISH).


Hila Lifshitz-Assaf is heading the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network at WBS. Her research focuses on developing an in-depth empirical and theoretical understanding of the micro-foundations of scientific and technological innovation and knowledge creation processes in the digital age. Her recent work on AI for critical decisions won the ISSIP Excellence in Service innovation award 2023 and best paper awards from the MIS Quarterly journal and from the Association for Information Systems.

Her first field study was an in-depth 3-year longitudinal field study of NASA’s experimentation with open innovation online platforms and communities, resulting in a scientific breakthrough. This study received the best dissertation Grigor McClelland Award at EGOS 2015, best ASQ paper based on dissertation 2018 and best published paper elected by organizational communication and information systems division of Academy of Management 2018. Her work received the prestigious INSPIRE grant from the National Science Foundation and she received the Industry Studies Association Frank Giarrantani Rising Star award and the Industry Research Institute grant for research on R&D.