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SDA Bocconi MBA faculty are recruited based on their research, communication skills, personal charisma, academic achievements, reputation in the business community, and professional experience.

Quality, Accreditation and Benchmarking (QAB)

Director's Message

  Our mission is to facilitate and promote continuous quality improvement in our School working with members of our academic and administrative community to help enhancing the quality of teaching and learning experiences and outcomes.

QAB activities include:
  • International and national accreditations, thus ensuring that the required processes and activities are developed to meet the accreditation standards of the most important international and national accreditation agencies
  • Quality Management, thus promoting the implementation of the relevant assessment processes, monitoring relevant learning outcomes and supporting improvement actions
  • Benchmarking, thus acting as “antenna” for trends, innovations in the management education community

Manuela Brusoni


What's New


For the last thirty years, EFMD has been organising its yearly case writing competition. With a wide selection of categories that focus on specific issues, as well as specific regions of the world, the aim of the EFMD case competition is to encourage and support the writing and creation of new and innovative case material.

Submission Deadline: 17th October 2016

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Assessment is a process to ensure that our School continues to create and maintain high-quality research teaching and learning environments. Our aim is to help learning the jargon, understanding the practical value of the accreditation standards, developing student learning goals, using and reporting student learning outcomes and process improvement achievements.
Assessment for our School means to be accountable to all the management education stakeholders, to observe, take actions and innovate.

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Learning Goals

Management Knowledge

Graduates will be competent in the core functional areas and understand how these areas are integrated.


Entrepreneurial mindset and creativity

Graduates will acquire an entrepreneurial and creative mindset.


Diversity and global business issues

Graduates will understand the impact of diversity on organizations, and will have an understanding of the main global issues affecting companies, public/non-profit organizations, banks and financial institutions.


Ethics & Integrity

Graduates will be conscious of the needs to comply with rules, regulations, social norms.


Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Graduates will formulate effective strategies and make decisions, using problem solving techniques.


Teamwork & Leadership Skills

Graduates will work effectively in teams, using interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.


Project Management Skills

Graduates will be able to effectively plan and implement projects and activities and to coordinate tasks and monitor their progress.